BITPoint SG concept

BITPoint SG expects to actively expand its blockchain based platform on exchanges. We aim to cater to price transparency, standardized trading, diversified options and, providing a secured exchange platform. With cryptocurrency booming and going mainstream, BITPoint SG strives to heighten the global cryptocurrency industry.

BITPoint SG service content

You will be given an online wallet upon registering with BITPoint SG. You can buy and sell various cryptocurrencies after crediting your account on BITPoint SG, as well as withdrawing cash.

BITPoint SG charges

BITPoint SG registration is free of charge.

All transactions will be charged at 0.2%

How do I delete BITPoint SG account?

Please send your request to delete your account via your registered email address at BITPoint SG to [email protected]

Contact BITPoint SG

You can contact us at [email protected]


Does it require a fee to transfer cryptocurrencies?

Answer: No fee is required for the cryptocurrency transfer.

How much is the withdrawal fee for cash?

Answer: No fees will be charged should the cumulative amount in a single day does not exceed SGD5000. However, a 5% service charge is applied should the cumulative amount in a single day exceeds SGD5000.

Note: Fee by financial institutions is borne by customer

Are there any charges for buying and selling cryptocurrencies?

Answer: You will be charged 0.2% for buying or selling cryptocurrencies at BITPoint SG.


Answer: The company uses an electronic invoice system. The invoice amount is 1% of the customer's transaction amount. Also, BITPoint SG activates your e-invoice before the beginning of the following month to send e-invoices to your registered e-mail address.

Kindly refer to the User Manual for instructions on the trading platform.